The present document aims to established the General Condition of the Internet Portal Use “” ownership of the trade society SUMMUM REAL ESTATE, S.L (onwards Group Expofincas), with CIF number. B-65847782 and address Social en Avda. Diagonal, 359 down floor 08037 Barcelona.

Group Expofincas reserves the right to change the present Conditions Use with the object of adapt the present legislation in every moment. The use from the User of any Portal Service means his acceptance and accession to every Use Condition in the published version in the portal in the moment he access.


1.1. User Condition.

The use of any Portal Service attributes the User Condition of it.

1.2. Use of the Portal and it Services.

The User recognizes and accepts that the use of content and services offered in the Portal it’s going to be under his risk and responsibility.

The User commits to use the content and service from the Portal agree to the law, moral, public order and the present Use Condition. Likewise, he commits to make and adequate use of the services and Portal content and do not use it for illegal activities or for crime that violate the intellectual and industrial property regulation or other legal rule.

In particular the User commits to not transmit, introduce, disseminate and make available to other parts any material or information (content information, messages, drawings, sound and image files, photographs , software, etc.) which are contrary to law, morality, public order and these Terms of Use. A title statement, and in any exclusive case, the User commits to:

  • Do not introduce o spread in the program net data (noxious virus and software) susceptible to provoke damage in the informatics system from the access provider, his providers or third in the net.
  • Do not spread, transmit or put in diposition of third person any kind of information, element or content that attende against the fundamental right and liberties recognise constitutionally and in the international treated.
  • Do not spread, transmit or put in dispotittion of third person any kind of information, element or content that substitute any kind of information element or content that constitutes illegal advertising publecy.
  • Do not introduce or spread any information or fake content, ambiguous and inaccurate to induce mistakes in the information receptor.
  • Do not supplant other users using their register key to the different services or content of the Portal.
  • Do not spread, transmit, or put in diposition of third people any kind of information, element or content that supose a violation of the intellectual and industrial property, patent, brands o copyright that correspond to the headlines of the Portal o to third people.
  • Do not spread, tranmit, or put in dispotition of third people any kind of information, elemento or content that supose any violation of the comunication secret and the legislation of personal carácter.


The User recognize that every element from the Portal and from every provided services, the information and the materials content, the structure, selection, ordination and the presentation of the content and the computer programs used are protected from the intellectual and industrial rights except when is authorized for Group Expofincas or in it case, the user cannot reproduce, transformed, modification, distribute, rent, borrow, or put in disposition or allow the access to the public through any public communication or any element refereed before. In particular, it´s prohibited the use of text, photos, ads and any other element include in the present web site, subsequent total or part inclusion, in other non Expofincas Group websites without the prior written permission of Expofincas Group.

The User should use the material, elements and information that access through the Portal and each of the related services only for their own needs, agreeing not to make any direct or indirect commercial exploitation or the services or materials, elements and information obtained through them.

The User must not remove the signs identified rights (intellectual, industrial or any other property) of Expofincas Group or third parts appearing on the Website and in each of the various services offered through it. The User must not evade or manipulate any technical devices established by Expofincas Group or third parts, whether in the Portal, in any of the Services or any of the materials, elements or information obtained through it, for protection of their rights.


3.1. Availability and Continuity Portal and Services

Expofincas does not guarantee the availability, access and continuity of the Portal and its Services. Group Expofincas not be responsible, within the limits established in the current Legal System, for damages caused to the user as a result of the unavailability, failure of access and lack of continuity of the Portal and its Services

3.2. Third Parts Content and Services.

Expofincas group not previously control, approve nor own the content, services, opinions, data communications, files, products and any kind of information from third parts, legal entities or individuals, collected on the site. Similarly, it does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usability, reliability, accuracy, exhaustively and topicality of the contents, information and Services of third parties on the Portal.

Expofincas group not previously controlled and does not guarantee the absence of virus and other elements in the content and services provided by third parties through the Portal that may introduce alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or files of users.

Expofincas Group will not be responsible, either indirectly or as a subsidiary, for damages of any nature arising from the use and recruitment of Content and Third Parts Services in the Portal as well as the lack of legality, reliability, usability, reliability , accuracy, exhaustively and topicality of them.

Expofincas Group will not be responsible, either indirectly or as a subsidiary, for damages of any kind caused to the user as a result of the presence of virus or other elements in the content and services provided by third parts that may cause alterations in the computer system, documents electronic or user files.

3.3. User Conduct.

Group Expofincas not guarantee that users of the Portal use the contents or services of the same in accordance with the law, morality, public order or these General Conditions. It also does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the data provided by users.

Expofinques Group shall not be liable, indirectly or subsidiary, for damages of any kind arising from the use of the Services and Content Portals by Users or that may arise from the lack of truthfulness, accuracy or authenticity data or information provided by Users, or the impersonation of another by a User in any acting class through the Portal. By way of example, but not limited to, Group Expofincas not be indirectly or subsidiary responsible:

The contents, information, opinions or statements of any User or third persons or entities that communicate or exhibited through the Portal The damages caused to third parties arising from the use by the User of the services and contents of the Portal Damage and damages caused by the lack of veracity, accuracy or incorrectness of the identity of users and any information they provide or make accessible to other users damages resulting from infractions of any user that affect the rights of another user, or third parties, including copyright, trademark, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual and industrial property.


You acknowledge and agree that the use of the Services and content of linked websites shall be at your sole risk and responsibility and exonerate Expofincas Group of any responsibility for the technical availability of linked websites, quality, reliability, accuracy or veracity of services, information, elements and / or contents to which the user can access the same.


Users are liable for damages of any kind that Group Expofincas may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of the obligations under the conditions of use in connection with the use of the Portal or any of the related Services same. Users also keep Group Expofincas icemen against any penalty, claim or demand that might be brought by a third parts, including any public organizations, against Expofincas Group, its employees or agents as a result of the violation of any rights of third parties by said user by using the Website or the services linked to it in a manner contrary to the provisions of the conditions of use.


Expofincas Group reserves the right to make any changes it seems appropriate, delete or include new content or services and how they are presented and located.

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